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A Different Advertising Management

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You do not have access to the powerful media, television, national dailies and mass media magazines. Social networks and their community managers feed you with their promises and their jargon, their vulgarity, yet you need, like everyone else, to make your know-how known.

There is not a single path to reach a summit, just as there is not a single medium to try to attract new customers, to strengthen your brand image.

We have not invented a miracle solution to the communication problems of small and medium-sized businesses, but the hypermedia work allows us to reach people like you looking for partners and suppliers sharing common values.

For us there are no taboos, the book remains a medium like any other, more elegant certainly, but not sacred. Others before us and much more famous used it to increase their sales, we think of Aldus Manutius, inventor of the pocket book format in the 16th century, the publishers of Dickens and Toni Morrison will follow the path traced by the Venetian printer by inserting advertisements among these famous authors.