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In the Footsteps of the Great Artists of Impressionism 

April 2024, Impressionism would be 150 years old according to many media, which is to know very little about the history of this movement initiated... by whom in the first place? A group of painters, photographers, writers?

The first exhibition of the “Intransigent” painters opened in April 1874, that is, but to organize such an event you needed money, exhibitors and legal supervision. Camille Pissarro suggests creating an association modeled on a professional union of bakers with a few modifications. The charter of the Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, etc. was signed on December 27, 1873. This date, unknown to the general public, nevertheless marks a turning point in the history of art. For a curious mind it leads us towards other research & discoveries, notably when & where the paintings presented at the “Capucines” were painted, including the famous Impression Soleil Levant.

Concerning the latter, hanging on the walls of the Marmottan museum in Paris & considered to be the eponymous painting of the movement, it does not really correspond to the description given by Monet during an interview given on the banks of the Epte. What version of the port of Le Havre at dawn was presented in Nadar’s workshop?

The question divides the art world and more precisely American and French experts.

Does this iconic painting deserve its rank as the first impressionist work? Courbet does not share this opinion; if we follow him we can contrast the Norman port with a Ville d’Avray garden. Interesting isn’t it?

We can also go back further with this sentence from Boudin for the very young Monet. The latter, hardly attracted to painting, likes to make a little money by sketching Le Havre personalities, is told about painting: [one must show] extreme stubbornness in remaining in the primitive impression.

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